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Community Events 2013

Lizzy Fields for Accessorizing: How the Pros Do It at Antiques Centre of Troy

TROY, MI – Elizabeth Fields will be the featured designer for October in a year-long program Accessorizing: How the Pros Do It at Judy Frankel’s Antiques Centre of Troy. Each month, a noted Detroit-area interior design professional will create room vignettes focusing on the role of antiques and accessories in establishing a stylish and beautiful home. Be sure to stop by the Centre at Maple and Coolidge in Troy, near Whole Foods Market, to check out all the fine work and the fantastic selections — and look for our featured effort in October! Plus, watch for our new post, coming soon, on the art of accessorizing.

Community Events 2012

On June 23, the Detroit Institute of Arts presented SYNC: art meets technology at NextEnergy in Detroit.
The event, which benefited the conservation and restoration of the Tory Smith Gracehoper sculpture, included dessert, coffee, and a “Gracehoper” drink competition.

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